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You may wonder why the website is called ChitGPT. It is just a play on words. A ChitGPT is a short form for “chit-chat with ChatGPT“, a powerful chatbot developed by OpenAI.

Here, you will find great content on ChatGPT in particular and artificial intelligence in general.

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  • ChatGPT and personal information

    ChatGPT and personal information

    As ChatGPT continues to gain popularity, people are questioning more and more the potential risks it poses. One of the big concerns is with regard to personal data. Does ChatGPT have access to personal information? If so, how does it use it? And, does it store it? We posed these questions to ChatGPT. Here are…

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  • ChatGPT: The Google killer or the perfect complement?

    ChatGPT: The Google killer or the perfect complement?

    Many of us use Google pretty much every day. In fact, “googling” is a dictionary word. But, more recently, there are rumors that a new kid on the block has their eyes on Google’s throne. That kid is ChatGPT. You can find stories all over the Internet suggesting that ChatGPT is on its way to…

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  • ChatGPT and plagiarism: What are the risks?

    ChatGPT and plagiarism: What are the risks?

    Interestingly, one of the most searched questions about ChatGPT on the Internet is whether it poses a risk as a tool for plagiarism. We interacted with ChatGPT to discuss this issue in depth, and here are the key takeaways from our chit-chat: In the short video below, you can follow ChatGPT as it responds to…

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